Mumbai with love

Mumbai is a city that gives you memories you will never forget..  This city will welcome you with open arms irrespective of who you are or where your from..

Every day you spend in Mumbai is an experience that will determine the fate of your relationship with this city..

RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CITY??? You may wonder hows that even possible.. Well it is and il tell you how..


People never expect anything from this city because most of the times they land up disappointed, be it the traffic or the roads etc.. You have to give Mumbai enough space and time to allow it to grow on you.. U normally hate it and love it at the same time.. There may be times when ur sooo pissed off but all you do is keep calm and just move on… Mumbai gives you everything you need, be it your individuality, freedom, the culture, friends, lover, ur job and the list can go on.. Its a city that will entertain you during those long boring hours of travel to work.. Be the shoulder you lean on at the time of need and walk by ur side when u taking those lonely thoughtful walks by the seaside..

There are many people who come to this city with big dreams.. A lot of them embrace this city while the others move on and fulfill their dreams in other cities hundreds of kilometres away..

Wherever you go whatever you do you will never forget your time in Mumbai.. The memories, the people, the places and the love of the city.. Mumbai will always remain a part of you!

Once you love, you cannot take it back, cannot undo it. What you felt may have changed, shifted slightly, but still remains love



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