The Choice to Love

As we grow up in life there are a lot of choices that we have to make, and each of these choices shape the path that leads us to our destination, goal or whatever we aim for in life.

Every moment in our life we make a choice, whether it’s those 2 minutes of extra sleep, catching the slow or fast train, telling the truth or keeping it a secret, to keep calm or to give that person a piece of your mind, study or not to study, your career, your friends and the list can go on and on. However, in my opinion the most important choice we make is the CHOICE TO FALL IN LOVE!! To Love is a Choice that greatly affects the course of our life. This choice is difficult to make because there is never a right or wrong, there are always the shades of grey that we have to choose from.

LOVE is a wonderful feeling which unites two different people in a special bond which strengthens with each passing day. The ups and down, the patch ups and break up, the smiles and the tears, and the feeling of being loved by someone are memories that are cherished forever and bring a little smile on your face when you think of them.

To LOVE is to begin a journey from being acquaintances to friends to boyfriends to soul-mates to being that guy you wake up next to everyday of your life. People say that falling in love is inevitable uncontrollable and irreversible. It’s something that just happens to us one fine day. You may be thinking then how is it ever MY CHOICE?? Is it in my hands at all to make this happen or stop it from happening?? Well to a certain extent it is..

TO LOVE is a great responsibility because you let someone else into your life and that someone lets you into his. It’s the time when “I” and “YOU” becomes “WE“. All your plans for the future, all your dreams, all your habits, all your decisions need to be revisited. You have to let go of your past to allow your future in your life. Building a Relationship takes a lot of effort because after the initial euphoria dies out we realize that working together during the normal day-to-day activities is bigger challenge. It’s not easy, It takes a lot of patience and letting go, a lot of forgiving and forgetting.

On a more LOVE-ly note, with all that responsibility comes a great deal of pleasure. That twinkle in your eye, those butterflies in your stomach when you see him, the passion, the feeling of having someone who will stand by you no matter what, the feeling of him holding your hand just not wanting to let go and finally, the look you see in his eyes when he says “YOUR MINE”!

Relationships may be difficult but not all good things come easy in life. There is always more to gain than there is to lose. Choosing to fall in love with your guy will always be the best decision you would have ever made because he will make your life worth living.

“I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.”            …F. Scott Fitzgerald



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