The KalaGhoda

The KalaGhoda Festival is one of Mumbai’s most creative, artistic and colorful fest celebrated every year. For those who don’t know, KalaGhoda which literally means BLACK HORSE,  is a reference to a black stone statue of King Edward VI mounted on a horse. Even though this statue was later removed, that place still continues to be called by the name “KALA GHODA”.The KalaGhoda Festival began in 1999. It is an annual event that normally goes on for nine long days. It is a fest where there are loads of art installations, cinemas, shopping, and performances by folk dancers, musicians and street plays from all over the country. So much fun, galore, colors  people, photos…. but believe it or not i had NEVER been to this Fest ever… Till 2013.

Many people might say that you can always remove time for what you really want to do in life.. Well that’s really good to hear, but trust me IMPOSSIBLE to do.. Being in Mumbai makes it more difficult because it is a city of around 35 suburbs spread over a vast area of god-knows-how-many kilometers.. Mumbai is huge.. Everything is far.. sometimes it gets really unmanageable.. Phewww!! Anyways i had decided that this time i will go to the fest no matter what.. and to my surprise i actually went !!

The road leading to KalaGhoda was full of people, food vendors and foreigners. When i entered the fest, i was intimidated by a big poster of Bollywood actors and the installation” DHANDA”! Going Further in, i saw a variety of faces made with scrap objects where each face had a surprisingly distinct expression. My favorite installation was however the one that said that unrelated objects that do not have any connection whatsoever also have the ability to work in complete harmony when put together.
Well.. Thats what Mumbai is a biggest example of ‘harmony in variety’ !!

The atmosphere at the fest was brilliant!Even though i went alone, there was not even one moment when i felt lonely. The large groups of people looking at the art work, the DSLR camera holders who took 428547 pictures of a single object just to get it right, small kids running around, the beautiful stalls which were selling the most colorful jholas, kurtis n home accessories.. Everywhere i looked there was something new to see, something that made me smile, something that made this whole experience a wonderful memory which is etched in my mind forever.

Mumbai is a city where there are soo many events that happen everyday.. We should go out there and EXPERIENCE them! Just Go.. Either with someone or alone.. Just remember that the best times in life are never planned because the best part of these moments are when they just happen and suddenly life becomes a beautiful place to live in!! So next time you wish to go somewhere just wear your shoes, put on your headphones and LEAVE!!

“Exploring the city leads to finding oneself”



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