The Chance to Change

                      “It’s hard to find an enemy who has outposts in your head..”

…Sally Kempton


Each year of your life is a year of change..  Be it change in your job,  your friends, place of stay, attitude towards life and so on..
Life is changing every moment, every second and how much ever we try to resist this change we have to accept it eventually.

When I was a kid I had my life clearly set out for me.. I was to become a CA, earn lots of money and be soo happy.. It seems like a easy journey without many twists and turns.. Well it was not until the time i entered junior college and gave my CA entrance exam that i finally realised that these goals however simple they sound has a long journey to undertake.. It was then that we faced situations where there is soo much that we gain and so much that we loose and let go on our way to achieve these goals.

College life is always said to be the best time in everyone’s life. There are new people,  new friends,  a new life and the glimpse of hope of meeting your potential lover..  Everything seems perfect where whatever you do can be undone because you have lot of time on hand !!

Living this student life makes you realize that college dynamics do change to a great extent. Eventually you start realizing that love and friends do not always last forever.  The friends with whom you spend the entire two years of junior college don’t meet you at all after its over and your potential lover is a looser after all..

Very soon we enter the phase where we start getting to know the rules of life and becoming ‘mature’ adults in handling situations. Soon friends are with you only to ‘enjoy life’ and you suddenly enter the phase where nobody in the world would know whats going on deep inside you.  Where after a broken heart the concept of true love looks false and fairy tailish. Eventually people become more experienced in hiding what they actually feel and say whats politically correct.

However, Change is something that we learn to accept and eventually it becomes the only thing you are sure of in life. After the first few difficult adjustments this “change” becomes a welcome event in life. People now look forward to new friends, some take up a new job because they want to experience a new work culture, some shift cities in order to break out of their cocoons and comfort zones in order to be able to blossom.. Its this Change that people welcome and hope that it will bring them all the love and luck they have always hoped for.

According to me, In this journey called life there are many times when you need to rethink, recalculate and revisit all your plans and goals in order to take full advantage of what life is bringing to you..

So, just open your arms wide and let the wonderful breeze of life flow through your hair, just close your eyes and let it take you to your destiny.

Trust and love yourself.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but i think i have ended up where i intended to be..”

                                                                                   ..Douglas Adams

The Journey of Life



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