100HappyDays – #1 The Happy Me

20131210_132941It has been 8 months since my last published post.. Time surely flies by and brings with it lots of new experiences & a few crazy changes.. Yes !! I am giving myself ‘The Chance to Change’.. Last month i got married to a wonderful man who is truly the love of my life.. We have together started our journey to ‘…happily ever after !’.. It was during this time that i heard about the ‘100 Happy Days’ challenge and i thought that i should give it a try..So, as i begin my 100 Happy Days journey i wonder what would bring me more happiness than putting up these moments on my blog?.. Nothing : )

So let this journey begin !   


6 responses to “100HappyDays – #1 The Happy Me

  1. 100 happy days are the best moments of your life as it will teach you many things…. changes will occur and more importantly you will get to know your husband in and out and trust me that is a beautiful journey of knowning each other and more importantly accepting each other for what you are…..100 happy days are like joyous roller coaster ride which I am sure you will enjoy and after your100 days are over you will write a blog on “my happy 100 days…. looking forward for eternity “…

  2. A Good happy 100 days shall bring happiness, new vision, new socials and new thoughts of life you were waiting for. The rich experience shall head for 1000 happy days further and thereafter with good family members it will lead to 25000 happy glorious days of life. God bless both of you.

    Mayur A Vora

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