Life Is Now…

Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.

                                                                    -Gilda Radner

People always crib that they want a change in their normal routine life.. Many of us are tired of doing the same ol’ stuff, meeting the same people, visiting the same places and so on. We always fantasize to go somewhere new, meet someone new, change things around us to get experience or gain a fresh outlook towards life.

“MOVE ON” seems to be Is the new mantra for this generation. Its like if your in a job for around three years CHANGE  IT, been in a relationship for a looong time TAKE A BREAK, Going to the same places to eat EXPERIMENT, finished college and you want to further study GO ABROAD and so on. Maybe some change is good but if you ask the people who, for whatever reason leave their life behind and start afresh someplace else, they’ll tell you how difficult these beginnings can sometimes get.

I always cribbed about my routine life.. It was booooring ! I had these crazy urges to just leave and go somewhere. By the end of 2013, I shifted to a new city. It felt like a new mad world, new places, new people, new life and no more routine. But, now sitting in my new house i yearn for my old routine life. The train travels, the mad Mumbai rush, the people, the walk from station to office, office itself and the list can go on forever. Oh ! How i miss the familiarity ! All these years of living in Mumbai i never really put much thought in how would it be to actually leave everything behind.. Your friends.. your life.. your routine.. your coffee shop where u always got your favorite coffee or that corner of the seaside which gave you solace in your moments of distress.

Sometimes we do take our life and the city for granted.. where 80% time is spent in our routine and the rest 20% on how it could be different (read as more fun). Never do we really sit and think that if suddenly life did become different would it really make us happy? If we did not see the people we meet on an everyday basis will it really bring us that expected sigh of relief? If you are not able to see the beautiful sea or the lovely sunsets at Marine Drive & Carters will u be able to find someplace else that brought equivalent joy?

Changes in routine is for the better or for worse? No one knows.. Just live every moment of your life in true happiness because that is all you need to aim for everyday. Planning or fearing the future leads you nowhere because the future never comes, what comes to us is always an exciting Gift, ‘the Present’ ! :*

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”

                                                       -Henry David Thoreau 

On the move



4 responses to “Life Is Now…

  1. I absolutely agree with you…. staying in mumbai n going to another city is a drastic change… but I m sure the new city you have moved in will give you much more than you desire.., and I hope u blog someday saying “the new city I moved in has given me plenty……”

    • Hey dimple.. M soo happy u agree with me.. Nd even i hope il b writing about my new city sooon.. Ryt now m just trying to gather my little experiences.. :*

  2. OMG ..!!! that is such a brilliant write up.. and I read it quite at the right time (planning a few changes to my routine life)…and now u got me thinking if I really want the changes or not..
    …… (after a few minutes of thinking) I guess I ll change a lil.. 😛

    loveyou loads kinnaa

    (and this lil person in Mumbai really misses you at every step of the day) *hugs*

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