Namaste !


“Once again…welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”                                                                      …Bram Stoker

Welcome to my world ! My blog is all about me.. My Thoughts.. My Feelings.. My point of view.. My life..

I started a blog so that I could write to the people across the globe and hear stories from every corner of the world. I have always been interested in talking to different people from various walks of life because it opens your mind to a wide spectrum of thought processes. I have always thought that I had a different point of view to many things in life and I try to express it through my blogs.

A little more about me…I love music.. I love reading.. and I am an ardent bookworm who is in constant lookout for new and interesting books to read..

About life.. Well I stand by one belief that life does not come with a guidebook and you need to make your choices  and live through them rightly or wrongly. So, I made a choice to join Blogging101 and now I’m gonna to stick through it.. *cheers*

To everyone who is following me.. Share your happiness !!!!


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