CA.. These Two Little Alphabets


YES, I am a Chartered Accountant & NO It wasn’t plain sailing..

Many people I know are studying for their Final exams for completing the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course.. Some have not been lucky enough to clear this exam even after repeated attempts.  There is one thing certain about the Chartered Accountancy course and that is that irrespective of your background or the experience you get during your articleship, there is one question that every student has asked at least once ‘What should I  do to clear this time’..

Well.. Here’s my experience penned down !

If anyone ever inquired ‘Should I pursue CA?’’.. This is my Reply..

‘The course of Chartered Accountancy (CA) is somewhat like a Black hole. It’s VERY attractive therefore it pulls thousands of aspiring students to pursue it. The entrance exam is comparatively easier than the other two levels. The Inter and Final Exams are severely challenging and the apprenticeship is laborious and can take a toll on your social life and stress levels. When we think about any Examination, the one thing certain is that ‘It sucks to fail’. Failure for a CA Student is when everyone around you makes headway and speeds ahead while you’re still stuck at the same desk with the same books for month’s altogether… You feel helpless and baffled! It’s when you cannot charge or fight with anyone, nor can you debate with the institute and it eventually is all on you. My Conclusion is to sit tight, write the next Exam and Pray harder! You can take out your frustration / helplessness on people around you and then hope that they are secure enough to just let go and still be by your side. However, don’t be surprised if you notice that there are some a**holes who will Clear their exams before you and that might be the last time you ever hear from them because they never bother looking back. It’s just You for Yourself!

Now for the Positives!

This is one of the most respected professional courses in the field of Commerce. It builds your future. Finding your first Job is a tad bit simpler. In CA I can say with certainty that no amount of tuition s or personal coaching can substitute for Self Study. It’s only after you struggle, work hard, give up your life for those 6 months that you will truly understand the happiness of seeing those four letters on your screen ‘P A S S’

..and for my fellow CA Final First timers below are my personal recommendations:

  1. Questions in CA may not be repeated.. But every Paper has a Pattern.. Find it..
  2. Always study from the latest books.. The Institute loves amendments..
  3. May = Amendments = RTPs… November = Procedural Qs & Amendments not asked in May
  4. The Syllabus is Vast. If you can’t handle it entirely then do Smart & Selective Study.
  5. Make notes and solve problems on your own. Lay all the steps & formats in your subconscious.
  6. Do not try attempting the Entire paper; Trust me it even takes your professors more than 3 hours to do so.
  7. Don’t be aggressive & try attempting Difficult Questions. You need to pass.. Not prove a point.
  8. Find your strength and Stick to them. Be it a subject entirely or a few selected Chapters. They will help get you that minimum 40.
  9. The Entire Question Paper was never going to be easy. Relax and Give yourself time & get comfortable around it.
  10. Finally, This exam is not that impossible as sometimes it is made out to be.

In conclusion, i will say that no one ever deserves to repeat the CA Exams. I wouldn’t wish that for my worst enemy. So for all those students appearing for their exams, Just go through with it and you shall have no regrets!



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