“We know that every connection matters. Every connection is crucial & when one is broken, it usually means that the damage is done. This system of connections compels us to act, choose & behave. Sometimes seemingly against our own will, but it is not random at all. It is a map of who we are. We will work to understand ourselves… Solve the puzzle of how all the connections work & how all the pieces fit.”

                                     “Map of you”  –  Grey’s Anatomy (S10 E6)


The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘connection’ is ‘people’.

During your lifetime you come across a bunch of people from various walks of life. Some stay with you for a while, some don’t. Sometimes a 5 minute conversation with a stranger leaves a great impact on you and sometimes you find people walking alongside you for years and they are still nonexistent. Its a mad crazy world out there and we spend every moment of our life trying to live through it.

‘We Just clicked’

We always talk about that “click”. It’s that moment where you decide you which tells you if you want to meet that person again in future. It’s that moment which decides if a boy will ask for the cute girl’s number or if a second meeting is arranged with your prospective suitor or if you agree to go out on a date with that guy and the list can go on and on.

All these ‘clicks’ are the connections we unconsciously make. It’s never a conscious effort and it cannot be forced or planned. It’s as if your heart makes these decisions for you.

‘The Butterfly Effect’

Our reactions to situations or desires or wants are based on the connections you held in life at that very moment. Thus, the second these connecting equations change, your decisions, desires and wants also change. There are so many instances in our life where some decisions so thoughtfully made are immediately regretted and some life changes aren’t as easy as you expected them to be. There are people who are badly missed and there are some people with whom you may have broken ties yourself.

A butterfly effect is when some any miniscule moment can bring about life altering events in our lives. It’s when a small change in your connection with someone brings major changes in your daily routines. It’s also when one person can bring a transition to the way you think or perceive.

I would like to end it by saying that we must always be careful with the connections we make. However, don’t be afraid and not make them at all. It is definitely difficult to cope up with changes however, it’s worse to be stuck in a mundane life with nothing new to look forward to.



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