The Grey Way

Meredith Grey Monologues

Sometimes something you see or hear or read really sticks with you. I am philosophical and love reading life altering quotes. Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorites. Meredith Grey is the lead and the series is all about her life practicing medicine at Seattle Grace. I love her monologues. I am listing down 5 of the quotes which inspire me the most.

1. To Win or to Loose  (Season 2 Episode 22)

Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose or draw, the game is in progress, whether we want it to be, or not. So, go ahead, argue with the refs, change the rules… cheat a little, take a break… and tend to your wounds. But play. Play. Play hard. Play fast. Play loose and free. Play as if there’s no tomorrow.

Okay, so it’s not whether you win or lose… it’s how you play the game. Right?

2. The Perfect Day (Season 5 Episode 21)

You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until its happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life. Not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone… The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there’s not enough time… because you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days.

3. Desire (Season 3 Episode 21)

Too often, the thing you want most, is the one thing you can’t have. Desire leaves us heartbroken. It wears us out. Desire can wreck your life.

But as tough as wanting something can be… the people who suffer the most, are those who don’t know what they want.

4. Starting your Journey (Season 10 Episode 11)

Sometimes, the key to making progress is to recognize how to take that very first step. Then you start your journey. You hope for the best and you stick with it, day in and day out. Even if you’re tired, even if you want to walk away. You don’t. Because you are a pioneer. But nobody ever said it’d be easy.

5. Our Future (Season 5 Episode 23)

We spend our whole lives worrying about the future, planning for the future, trying to predict the future. As if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow. But the future is always changing. The future is the home of of our deepest fears, and our wildest hopes. But one thing is certain: When it finally reveals itself, the future is never the way we imagined it.



7 responses to “The Grey Way

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  3. I too have my favorite set of monologues from Grey’s Anatomy. They are so right to the point and sometimes even eye-openers. I always wondered how the writers came up with such an inspiring piece! I am going to use the second quote for my next post. Thank You Kinnari 🙂

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