The Crossroads : Inspire Me Mondays #4


So many times people are faced with two choices. Both these choices have their own pros and cons. Such choices are difficult to make because irrespective of what we choose we always loose some to gain some.. Unconsciously we begin prioritizing the gains and discounting the losses in order to help us choose and we also begin taking into consideration the circumstances around us, people that affect us, our sentiments, our beliefs, our opinions on various things, connections we make or maybe our gut feeling..

During the last few months I have been waiting at such crossroads.. Every time I decided on something I always felt that the grass was so much more greener on the other side.. But, Today I think I have made my decision.Wondering what changed ? Well, It was just one random phone call..

If you are ever haunted which such choices, if you are stuck somewhere and don’t know where to go, if you are not sure if that someone special is the right partner to take your life’s journey with, if  you are not sure that whatever your doing is going to benefit you in anyway during the lifetime…

I’d say Just wait for that one moment or as it was in my case that ‘one phone call‘..

I don’t assure you that the decision made would be the perfect one for you but what matters is that for that one second you would have put your mind at ease and surrendered to let the consequences of your decision unfold themselves..


9 responses to “The Crossroads : Inspire Me Mondays #4

  1. As per our jain religion theory it is said that what ever is happening is as per Niyati and generally no one can change, it may be modified to make yourself ease by Good karma. It is true that you have to leave with acceptance of all circumstances without any grievances.

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