Adios 2014.. Hola 2015 : Inspire Me Mondays #5

“No-one ever built a statue of a critic.”            … David Nicholls


This is the last Monday for the year 2014, the year has finally ended and another one is waiting to unfold.. So, let’s turn the pages of life, cherish the memories of the year gone by and welcome a new chapter of your life..

I personally believe that every year gives you something to take away with you, a parting gift. It can be your new degree, your life partner, a broken heart or the satisfaction of fulfilling a personal goal and the list will go on. It’s the 29th December and the countdown to 2015 has begun.

Some people around me have begun jotting down their new year resolutions. While some of them don’t want to because they think that resolutions are a waste of time as such promises made to self are meant to be broken anyways!

Me ?

Well I have decided to make a resolution to start 2015 with Positivity. I shall begin keeping my distance from any toxic people or environment around me. These are the people who are suckers for your happiness and dreams. I would try not sharing my dreams and aspirations with such people as such people always make it a point to doubt one’s ability and completely write off the possibility of such dreams coming true. Hoping that by doing this I shall be able to fulfill what destiny has in store for me this year.

Have you made your Resolution yet ? Tell me about them ? What are your expectations from the 2015.. How did 2014 treat you.. Feel free to share your experiences and spread the love!

Here’s my wish for all of you this coming year..

Be happy.. Find Your Passion.. Smile.. Jump.. Dance… Go Crazy.. Live Life… Party…  Let 2015 be the best you ever had..

“Allow your joy to exceed anyone else’s negativity.”           ..Robbie Vorhouse



8 responses to “Adios 2014.. Hola 2015 : Inspire Me Mondays #5

  1. My new year resolution would be to talk thoda nicely to you and not call your blog mails JUNK.. I think you are aresome !

  2. Resolution? Made so many already…but can not guarantee how long it will go :p the main resolution though, is to NOT repeat the mistakes I did in 2014 and look forward to NEW mistakes in 2015..!!! 😛 Waiting anxiously for you 2015..!!

    Wish you too a happy and positive year ahead..!!! 🙂

    • Yeyy.. Making new mistakes is such an awesome resolution coz it leaves u free to do watevr u think u want to do irrespective of the consequences.. Btw love ur resolution to be polite.. But thts pretty difficult to take in.. Hehehe

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