This ‘Chaos’ called LIFE!

“Arrival at one goal is the starting point to another”      …John Dewey


Think about your increment salary, the promotion you gave your everything for, your professional degree for which you spent sleepless nights, that moment where you find your life partner becomes your soul-mate, a beautiful home that you can call your own, the list can just go on and on. It’s always the best feeling ever to accomplish something you have always wanted, experiencing such fulfillment suddenly makes all that sweat and blood so damn worth it ! But then comes the most dreaded question we have to face ‘What’s next?’..

The moment I Graduated I still had to get a professional degree. The day I earned my professional degree I still had to find a decent job. Just when I started working I still had to get married and settle myself into a new lifestyle. After a year when I can say that I have sort of managed all that some people want me to get a better job with a better pay or may be decide to start a family. It’s like enough is never enough.

I personally think it is very frustrating that the moment you reach your goal you have the next one just waiting in the pipeline. Your sense of fulfillment is suddenly filled with ‘What next?’ as there is obviously something that u have still left to achieve. The world around us always wants us to be achievers or may be even over achievers. If you ever say that you are satisfied with wherever you are, the society will say that you don’t have enough ambition in life to be something or do something greater in life. All this running makes life such a struggle.

When we were kids we had final exams to clear, always one at a time each year. As we grow up we are expected to multi-task and do lots of things at the same time. Imagine working at office, home management, marriage, family socializing, friend,circles, booming career, making investments and increase in savings, having fun, traveling around etc etc.. Phewww!.. Our society always reminds us about the things that we still need to do instead of just letting us be happy and satisfied with the things we have already done. Its like a crazy rat race.

 I think we should just let it be and shut the outside world from our mind. It is okay to be where you are and it is okay to just keep doing what you do. Frankly, whatever the world around us says doesn’t matter because they don’t have all of it either. Just be happy and give yourself an entire lifetime to achieve all your goals. There is no point in running that rat race as life always takes it’s course the way it wants irrespective of the way you plan it.

“Right now you’re the best of what you ever were and have the most of what you always wanted.”  … Kinnari Vora Adhia


I’d like to thank my husband for all his help, my sister Packet & my cousins Ani and Anee for their amazing insights..   I love you guys so much :*

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21 responses to “This ‘Chaos’ called LIFE!

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  2. Perfect:) Yeah,society always pokes it`s nose in our life but end of the day it’s our life and we got to to do what makes us happy:) Glad to meet a fellow true piscean:)
    Keep writing!!

      • Pisces
        A lovable species
        Romantic to the core
        Try to walk with us
        Along the shore
        I bet
        You will never get bore
        In your memory
        A piscean will never blur 😀

        Kinni.. Just trying to be sponatenous 😀

  3. Kinnari that was very well written. I do agree that people get caught up in a rat race and it feels like there is never enough in life. Sometimes it is good to take a break and just be happy with what u have accomplished. Do not let other peoples opinions run your life. But after that break u will naturally feel like u want to do something else. It is part of life. If people just stopped aiming for more goals in life then it would become very boring and monotonous. It is what keeps us going. Good Luck! Keep writing 😊

    • I so agree with you yashvi didi.. It’s jus that you should do things at your time and not get over burdened by people around pushing you.. And i also think that its ok to not have everything in life coz that is impossible and highly stressful.. Nywys Thanks for appreciating my writing .. 🙂

  4. Kinnari,
    It is really good thought and message to have one satisfaction level to be decided by the person in life.
    Mayur A Vora

  5. You have written after such a long break! But I guess, the patience did pay off! This is by far your most inspirational article. Nice length, Good use of words and your personal touch, made it engaging for me! 🙂

  6. Kinnari, this is a great post love it [and the pic at the top is perfect – love the feel and vibe of your blog] – so great to see it from this perspective as i wrote one a while back on how other people often are so quick to rush you to the next stage that you can’t just enjoy this one [whereas your post it’s an internal push] –

    Interesting to see how both sides complement each other.
    Let’s just enjoy today, yeah?

    Keep on
    love brett fish

    • Hey brett its soo amazing that two people across the globe feel the same way and share the same chaos.. Ur article is really another take on what i am trying to say.. Its true that people just push you because its their way of striking a conversation without even realising that your not ready for that question.. Hoping to see you around 🙂

  7. Love it.. Written so so so well.. And summarized all the conversations we have had.. Love the conclusion! And what you say is soo true “u r the best u have ever been and accomplished the most”
    Love you,
    Your Packet! :*

  8. I totally agree Kinnari. Even without realizing it, I sometimes feel the world is telling me who I should be and what I should do. I have reached a point of impasse now, and believe it’s all a bunch of baloney and materialistic. I started reading good books as a primary objective and do what I have to do to get by. There aren’t too many people I can talk to without getting bored nowadays.

    wrote about it in a blog link below:

    • Hey.. Thts true.. I feel the same.. Sometimes u can get more things done by jus keeping to urself.. Its soo awesome that u agree with wat i feel.. Shall definitely read ur post.. Hopin to c u around 🙂

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