The Choice & The Split

The infinite choices we make in our chaotic mind !

“I’ll be damned if I apologise for the choices I’ve made. They were hard decisions, but I had good reasons for making them…”   –  Christine Feehan

Life is all about choices.

It is the decisions we take and the choices that we make that either make you or break you.

Whenever we think about “choices” we always picture them as life altering decisions like our career, accepting a job, choosing our life partner and the list goes on.

But tell me have you all ever thought about all those little decisions we make in our daily life ? Confused !!! Well, I am talking about our reactions to situations, the emotions we show, the numerous times we say yes when we actually want to say No !

We give a lot of importance to what others feel and what others think instead of just standing up and saying what’s actually on our mind. It feels like a split personality ! One part of you is pissed off while the other part of you has a smile on its face, one part of you wants to be alone while the other part of you has to be around people, where one part of you wants to be loved while the other part of you is busy fulfilling duties and responsibilities. These are the choices that matter the most.

So the next time you have to choose just be confident and do what you think is right for you at that time.

It’s obviously not good to think of ourselves all the time but it’s also not right to be ever giving and ever compromising. You need to get the Balance right because it is your life and when you start living it the way you want everything just falls in place, people eventually adjust and there are fewer choices to make.

Eventually both parts of you shall unite !

Tell me about all the times when you stop, think, make your choice and THEN react ? I’d love it know 🙂

The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.

8 responses to “The Choice & The Split

  1. Agree with your thinking…in the long run it will make your life simple and stress free 🙂 :*
    Just be confident to do this.

  2. Amazing strength to voice such a simple thought. Speak what you want n do what you wish. Be responsible for your own thoughts, words n deeds. I am so happy to see the inner strength in you.

  3. I totally agree with you… The choices u take should be according to you n your thought levels n not according to what society says…. If u r confident in the choice u make it will reflect on ur personality and I m sure whatever the decision u have taken whether good or bad in eyes of others it will always be good for you…

  4. “The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.” That is a fantastic say. Hats Off !! But how dare you tell it , that is the magic. May be you need not say it at all.That is the secret. So again it comes to the Choice. Life teaches and you have to get taught. If not go the way it takes you. Then what about the free will?
    Anyways I liked it. Pat, Pat & Pats on your back.
    Shiva Malekopmath

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