Your Perspective or Plain Truth

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”   .. Charles Dickens


I have always been curious about the psychology of people. The sheer thought that billion people around me each have a different point of view has always intrigued me. The variety of upbringings, experiences, surroundings and connections that each of us have in our lives are definite proof of how diverse our thought processes are.

What we believe or feel may not be the only truth because truth is nothing but a reflection of our thinking.

Ever thought how much your Perspective dominates what you consider as the Truth? 


“Your perspective or Plain Truth” is an event where I shall publish an online magazine consisting of the 5 most intriguing point of views submitted by you’ll on the topic of the month. This topic shall be published by me during the third week of every month.

How do I get involved ?

It’s very simple. All you have to do is submit a piece expressing your point of view on the topic of that month. You shall get one month (i.e. 4 weeks) for each topic. Just include a ping back link in your post to my relevant topic page.

What next ?

I shall pick up the top 5 most diverse or intriguing replies from all the entries submitted. Then I will spend the next fortnight laying it up for the magazine to be published online.

While you wait for my compilation you can start thinking about the next prompt that will be up once the time limit for the submissions of the first prompt ends.

Topic for the Month

Edition 1 : Love that helps you grow

Edition 2 : Tranquillity and a Blog


I am not getting paid for it nor are you going to earn anything out of this event. The motto is to document how the same issues or questions are answered by very different people. It will give you an opportunity of knowing a different point of view.

I am not trying to steal your content. The blog content and photos are all yours. I will be expressly stating your name and your blog URL along with the published content. That way others can also get involved in your discussion.

14 responses to “Your Perspective or Plain Truth

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    • hey catherine.. not taking a summer break yet.. m waiting for some entries for the edition 2 so extended it for another month.. please feel free to submit anything want.. happy blogging 🙂

  3. I’d really like to join this challenge/event! But I’m a little lost…as to where to subscribe and what exactly to do. Could you please help clear out that?

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  5. Oh I love psychology!! My dad actually got me started thinking about it and now I’m actually thinking about going to college and majoring in it!

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