Edition 2 : Tranquillity and a Blog

“Only your surface is disturbed; in your deepness there is stillness and total tranquillity”   …Bryant McGill


Welcome to the Edition 2 !

We all have our favourite spots where we get the peace of mind, the calmness or the answers to many of our questions.

Living in Mumbai gives you access to the amazing seaside at Carter Road, Bandstand or the ever amazing Marine Drive. These are places which help me clear my head and ignite my writing skills. These were times when suddenly thoughts begin flowing and slowly an awesome blog gets posted on my site ! 🙂

Send me any blog that you may have written at such a place or state of mind and something that is so very special to you.

For details regarding participating in this event click here !

Last but not the least a very heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who participated in the Edition 1.

Happy Blogging !!


4 responses to “Edition 2 : Tranquillity and a Blog

  1. Hey fellow bloggers.. To all the lovely people liking my blog, thank you soooooo much.. Please send me a link of your blogs also so that this event can be an awesome success.. Lots of luv

  2. https://kidfarmer.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/culture-shock/

    I wrote this post on the back of a horse…my favorite place to write! Ok, well, no. I take that back. It started forming in my brain then. I had to get home and actually sit down in front of my computer before it was officially ‘written’. But this is my tranquility spot. On the back of a horse. 😀

    Last edition was awesome!! Thanks for posting it. It was a lot of fun and helped me to look deep inside of myself to write a post. 🙂

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