I am; because of you !


Its been a really long time since I published my last post. I would love to say that I was busy doing something meaningful in life or maybe burning the midnight oil towards a promotion at work! Sadly that is not true…truly speaking my life has become so boring and mundane that there were times when despite of trying hard I genuinely had nothing to blog about as each day of mine was just like yesterday which was almost like the last few weeks or maybe months.

In one of my earlier posts The ‘Chaos’ called LIFE I had written about how the world around us keeps pressurizing us to make new goals as soon as the earlier ones had been achieved and almost always aim higher. We never managed to enjoy what we had managed to achieve and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

It was more of what we needed to do and what we wanted and what we should achieve in life through our hard-work and dedication. But what I really did not factor in was the contribution of people around us. Surprised! Well, its easy to say that an opportunity needs to meet a ready mind if it ever wants to make a difference. But what if the person delivering the opportunity at the doorstep doesn’t do his job ? What if the right guy for you does not cross your path? What if the fact the you have social responsibilities overshadow the time that you need to give yourself in order to ignite your creative genius ?

In this blog I am going to talk about the philosophy of “ubuntu” !!

I think many a times we underestimate the effect that the people around us have on shaping our lives the way it is. It is certain that you always need that someone to do that something or behave in a certain way in order to help you take your first step. Maybe you need the circumstances to be in perfect alignment with you in order for you to start the process to achieving your goal.

People love to believe that they have complete control over their present and future life. Normally, if things did not work out the way we would like or the results do not match our expectations we always change our ways and methods or eventually change the place we are in. After all this running around when it just does not work out we beat ourselves down and cry about failure. Take a second to think about the possibility that maybe it is not something that you need to do but something or someone that just needs to happen to you is what is missing.. That maybe you did your job but the person on the other side did not hold up their end of the bargain!

So next time you fail to cut yourself some slack, if you can’t find your life partner just wait till he crosses your path, if you do not get promoted maybe your boss does not see your worth, if your dreams are not coming true maybe the right opportunities are not banging your door.

“I am who I am, because of who we all are”        ….Ubuntu

8 responses to “I am; because of you !

  1. Kinnari my sweet child .blog is very thought provoking. This blog gives the clarity to hard working person who is expecting desired results for every action and make him more relaxed than depression. Keep writing

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