Being Social


I believe that being always happy is very difficult in today’s world. There are lots of things that can go wrong, lots of situations that do not reach our expectations and lots of people that screw up. The world is not made to make our life simple, it’s upon us to rise above it all.

Have you ever walked down a crowded lane and looked at the faces of the people around you? Or maybe gone to a family get-together  or a friendly gathering and noticed how people around you behave? Have you ever noticed the lack of a Smile ?!

The thought of meeting new people and talking to them about various random topics really excites me. I love it when you go back home with something new to think about or a different perspective on any situation. However, I think the most remembered dinners or socials are the ones where there have been jokes and crazy talks and lots of laughter. I like being around people that are comfortable in their own skin to be able to strike up a candid conversation on the  topics that would interest me or appeal to me. In short, I like people who talk. However, there are some social behaviours that annoy me to the extent that keeping my calm around them is a herculean task. Curious? Well, I am talking about thoes people who are there, listening to your conversation and never saying a word. These are the people who sit at the table with an expressionless face, busy with their phones either calling or messaging other people, showing no interest whatsoever in what the others are talking although be assured that they are judging you on each and ever word. They are like the silent spectators. They are annoying !

Socialising means to be part of something. Socialising means being present physically as well as mentally. You cant physically be here and mentally be somewhere else. Its insulting to the people around you!

Jim Elliot once said “Wherever you are.. Be all there…”  

The next time I go out into the world I would look out for people with a smile on their faces and a conversation in their hearts. I would look out for people to make memories with and people with whom I can connect. I would look out for people who are secure and happy in being where they are, doing what they are doing and value the fact that the people around them deserve a little bit of attention and a very big smile.


“I have many problems in my life, but my lips don’t know that! They always smile..”

–  Charlie Chaplin






17 responses to “Being Social

  1. I really like this post because I can relate to feelimg emergized by other people’s positive energies. Sometimes the only way we get through the day is by spending time with people whose vibes are positive enough to make us feel happy.

    But on other hand I’ve also been the person who hasn’t been able to stay and give attention to the person sitting near me because my mind is mentally somewhere else and I can’t focus. I still try to be a positive light for others though.

    Good read!

    • Its important to make more of every situation.. Be fully invested in the conversation around or else don’t waste your time just sitting there.. Its better to do something that challemges you rather than just sitting there idle..

  2. That’s true. Even psychology says, positive people have positive impact on you. Not only, should we always surround ourselves with happy people we should also try to become one.

    • Thts true.. But don’t you think sometimes u put too much pressure on urself by being happy always.. I mean everyone is allowed a few days of bad moods.. Just a thought 🙂

    • Heyy.. Best of luk with ur blogging!! Trust me it’s one of the best things evaaa.. Nd thanks for liking my blog.. Happie ppl like u inspire me to write more 🙂

  3. My dear Kinnari,

    It is a pleasure to read your block about happiness and smile. Now a days people have to learn how to be happy within circumstances around them and enjoy the day. No past events / thought or future worries/ plans makes your present lovely with inner smile and both does not contribute to present situation of happiness at all. All human has to live in present happiness with smile on them. Only sambhav makes true happiness. I really admire your thoughts to learn the lesson of Life.
    Mayur A Vora

  4. Yes, that’s true. 😀 Although you need to be careful not to bunch everyone into the same category. People who walk down the street and don’t smile? Some of them may have serious difficulties with depression and just need someone to talk to. People who have difficulties talking at social events? Many of them truly want to but have more difficulty than others at expressing theirselves.

    • These arnt the people whom i am referring to. Its the people that purposely don’t talk because they have attitude or ego issues.. Nd about the people walking on d road, well im sure everyone has their own problems but a smile doesn’t hurt anyone..

  5. Dear kinu awesome blog . Very nicely put up
    . It seems you have studied very deeply and visualize it very well . Keep it up my child. I love you.

  6. Dear kinu awesome blog . Very nicely put up
    . It seems you have studied very deeply and visualiz very well . Keep it up .

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