#1 Pensive

engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought


The sun was shining brightly on her as she hurried towards the college gates. The lecture was just about to begin and as usual she was a running a bit late. It amazed her how she had to sprint to college every day and not reach on time. Forget it, she told herself as those same thoughts came to her mind and her mood began to turn foul. Just as she entered the Romanesque building she heard her best friend calling out “Andrea, come here !”. She looked at Ananya and waved her hand “il meet you during the break” she shouted. Finally she pulled the door open and stumbled into the class. Professor Snow looked at her disapprovingly.

She gave a sigh of relief as she sat down and removed her books. Yesterday had been a long night, twisting and turning as her thoughts turned into dreams which turned into nightmares. As they lecture began, her mind began to wander. It created fantasies and happy memories, it showed her a beautiful world with bright flowers and happy people, she smiled.

Our mind worked in brilliant ways, the extent to which it could go really amazed her. Her curiosity and the desire to unravel the mind’s mysteries was the sole reason she decided to master in psychology. Professor Snow began handing out the reading material to everyone and instructed all students to turn to the first page. “Clear your minds and be mentally present” he said out loud.

As she began reading, her mind began to wonder. Ah !  “This is so difficult”  she thought. Relentlessly she battled one thought after another. It seemed like a maze where she was running away from one thought only to find another one lurking around the corner.It was so tiring because her mind was working the dual shift of attending this class and wondering down memory  lane.

People say you must not think a lot. You must keep your mind free. You must meditate and give your mind some breathing space. She now realised how much truth these statements had and wondered if there were people who actually managed to achieve this. She always had a feeling that her problems never seem to end and all this was because of that one underlying issue she faced every day but could do nothing about. “That’s my derivative” she thought. Suddenly she smiled as she thought of her mathematics tutor Professor Narayan, he would be proud of her right now. Ananya always told her that the main reason for her being so mentally tired are the conversations she had with herself. Also, because of the fighting matches where there was fighting and arguments until something or someone would manage to distract her. It felt that someone had just entered her mind and watched the entire show from the viewing block.

Suddenly she heard the ruffle of papers. She snapped out of her daydream. The class had ended and students were leaving the hall. It was break time so the mood was upbeat and relaxed. There was some essay to be submitted by tomorrow and she obviously had not heard the topic. She picked up her stuff and looked around for her friends. It was time to go shopping with the girls !

“I can be jubiliant one moment and pensive the next, and a cloud could go by and make that happen”                                                       — Bob Dylan

Being Pensive. Being Jubiliant.




11 responses to “#1 Pensive

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  6. Kinnu very nicely writen, you are very clear in your thoughts and you are moving towards becoming a writer. As its said “Blogging is the baby step towards becoming a writer”. Your selection of the photo for the blog is perfectly suiting the mood of the blog.

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