#2 Straying into the grey zone

Andrea got off the car and began fumbling inside her bag looking for the keys. As soon as she reached the door she was surprised to find it open. She guessed that her mom had seen the struggle of balancing her shopping bags, purse and books while trying to remove the keys through their kitchen window. She closed the door behind her and ran inside. She was so excited to show her mom the dress and the sexy gold bracelet and earrings that would accessorize her look for the evening.

Her mom came into the living room with a plate full of sandwiches as she began show off her shopping. Her mom loved the accessories and the dress though she looked disapprovingly at the shortness of length. She began eating her sandwiches as she began telling her mom about her day at college. She was famished and these yummy black olives and feta cheese sandwiches topped with sun-dried tomatoes and mixed herbs were the perfect solution. Suddenly the telephone rang and she ran to answer it. It was Aunt Claudia on the line, knowing that that mom was going to be busy for a while now, she got done with her snacks and went up to her room.

Andrea’s room was her private space and she loved every inch of it. It wasn’t that she was an introvert but she still loved her alone time dearly. She sat on her bed and looked around for her phone. Ananya had messaged her the topic for the essay assignment. She scrolled through the messages and finally found it. As she was reading the topic Andrea smiled, “So typical” she thought. Only Professor Snow would give such a topic that was so blatant and debatable. She opened her notebook and began writing.

Straying into the Grey Zone

“Don’t define your world in Black and White, because there is so much hiding amongst the greys”

Its not about being right or being wrong! Its not about taking a stand or sticking up to what you believe. Belief changes with situations. Actions change with moods. Moods change everyday.

People always say kids are easier to understand than adults. Adults are blamed to be more complicated and difficult to predict. Well, in their defense id say that understanding someone does not mean being able to correctly predict their actions, truly understanding someone is more about accepting all their decisions and moods just the way it is.

Life decisions are always left upto the person himself. No one normally questions your career choice, your life partner choice and so on. The problem is more about the daily decisions we make that people get frustrated about. Maybe there is a routine that you are trying to build or some habits that you are trying to kill, or maybe its the time you want  to laze around or the time you want to run around and get active. Its all you. There  are no reasons and explanations or rights or wrongs.

This is about your inner-self. Its not black or white. Its not right or wrong. Its not about other people. It’s about you and you alone. Let your inner voice speak for itself because it might lead you to stray into the grey zone.

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8 responses to “#2 Straying into the grey zone

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  6. love the simplicity with which you explain everyone’s worry zone!! and its absolutely true..its always about you and you alone!! 🙂

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