#4 The Past is a Mystery


Something about him feels like forever..       Jennifer Elisabeth

Ten years ago.. Year 2006

It was a beautiful night! The moon was a lovely golden and innumerable stars remained scattered across the pitch dark sky. Paris was in a festive mood, the streets were brightly lit and fir trees beautifully decorated. Christmas was round the corner!!

Andrea was walking down the Pont des Arts oblivious of the festivities around her or the Christmas carols floating from few churches nearby. Her heart was broken and her trust shattered. Life didn’t seem worth living anymore. As she looked at the couples locking their love-locks she suddenly felt lonely and angry at the same time. Lost in her own world Andrea continued waking besides the railing until something suddenly caught her eye!

A guy was struggling to unlock one of the love-locks tied along the railings. A dozen keys jiggled in his hand as he tried them one after the other. Andrea thought he was crazy but for some reason she could not take her eyes off him. Finally, it unlocked ! Just as he turned around to leave, their eyes meet for a fleeting moment and a big warm smile crept onto his face, Andrea blushed.

Next day morning Andrea went for a stroll around the streets of Paris. She would always read about these streets in books and wondered if Paris actually was the City of Love as most people believed. ‘There you are! I have been looking all over for you !’ Andrea stopped in her tracks, her heart began to pound. She turned around and found herself looking into a pair of deep blue eyes ‘It was him!

Hi my name is Ethan, and you are…’ ‘Andrea, my name is Andrea’ her palms begin to sweat and she suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach ‘Gosh! He looks so good’ she thought to herself and immediately found her cheeks turn a bright shade of red. Ooops!

Ethan was like a breath of fresh air. He always had so much to say. People loved Ethan. Slowly Andrea and Ethan became so inseparable that Andrea was always around Ethan and vice versa. Andrea began looking forward to spending more time with Ethan. Life was so uncomplicated around him… she felt free, she felt happy.

One evening as they sat on the lawns with the Eiffel Tower overlooking them, Andrea asked him about the night she saw him on that bridge. Ethan was quiet for a few minutes, lost in his thoughts. Andrea played with the grass ‘Maybe he’s trying to figure out what to tell me’ she thought

I was unlocking my love-lock’ he said

Andrea waited with bated breath as Ethan began to tell his story..

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