#5 In Love..To be or not to be..

Ethan began his story..

It was a bright sunny day in Paris and I was leading a group of tourists sightseeing around the city. Just as our bus turned on the Champs-Elysee I switched on my mic “We are reaching the Eiffel Tower. We will break for Tea and after three hours meet again near the parking lot. The bus will take you back to your hotel. Enjoy yourself !” Suddenly, there was flurry and commotion as people began removing their cameras and capturing glimpses of the Eiffel Tower. Even though taking tourists to Eiffel Tower was my everyday routine, its magnificence and strength never failed to amaze me.

Caprese, my Girlfriend, ran a coffee shop nearby. It was a dainty white cottage overlooking lush green lawns. On that day, I sprinted across those lawns hoping to spend some time with her before I head back home. Caprese had luscious brunette hair which fell softly over her shoulders, deep brown eyes and a mischievous smile that always lit up her face. She was beautiful ! Even though Caprese and I had met only six months ago we felt that we knew each other since forever.

I entered the cafe and saw Caprese sitting at the billing counter. Her red swollen eyes and puffy face hinted that something was wrong. I quietly sat at my usual corner table waiting for her to get free to join me for coffee. Ten minutes later she came and sat down. She was holding a white envelope in her hand. Puzzled, I took it from her and slowly began reading the contents of the letter. Suddenly, my mind went blank. I was crushed between two contrasting emotions, Happiness and Heartache.

Caprese had been accepted at the New York University for Masters in Business. This was something she had always wished for and it was an important step towards the future she dreamt for herself. We had spoken about this move a few times earlier, however at that moment it was only a mere possibility in our distant future. Unfortunately, that ‘distant future’ had now become our reality. I pulled myself together and looked up. Our eyes met and a million unspoken words passed through them. Unable to take my silence any longer Caprese got busy with her customers. She sensed what was going on in my mind.

As the clock struck 5 the last few customers began to leave. The restaurant staff started winding up and preparing the tables for the next day. An hour later when everyone had left, Caprese and I were finally alone. I knew that it was time and something inside me was certain that it was the right thing to do.

I walked up to her and held her tightly ‘Congratulations sweetheart.. I am so proud of you’, Caprese just stood still not knowing what to say. With tears in her eyes and a smile on her face she replied ‘Thank youu..”. We were quiet for a while “I know what’s going on in your mind Ethan.. But before I leave, we owe us a weekend to ourselves”. We held each other for a long time not wanting to let go.

“Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter”          … Melissa Marr

Andrea was listening to his story with rapt attention. Ethan continued..

The next weekend Caprese and I went to Deauville which was famous for its beautiful white sand and calm pristine waters. We both enjoyed being with each over that weekend. Staring into the infinite horizon, feeling the waves rush through our feet and sun bathing by the beaches brought us a sense of calm and pure happiness. We cherished each other’s company and the wonderful memories that we would take back with us. Even though we both secretly wished that this would not be the end, we knew that as of now we needed to say our good-bye and move on.

Andrea was annoyed “..so that is it ! You just let her go ?!

Yes!” Ethan said “Andrea love is a very powerful emotion. It has the power to make you think of someone other than your own self. Their achievements become your goals and their reasons to smile somehow become your source of happiness. However, love was never meant to be a destination that we had to reach or the purpose of our life. There are times when you give circumstances more importance than the love you share with someone & when distances take over your feelings of togetherness. Well, it takes true strength and character to be able to move on and to be able to let go. I am proud of us.”


“..and the love lock?” Andrea asked

“Well, we had locked it on the day we realised we loved each other. So, I wanted to send it to her as  a memory of us and also as a reminder that life can be as beautiful as you are willing to make it” replied Ethan.

“Love is a feeling of belonging that helps you sail through life and excel in your career. But, if you give more importance to this feeling than the life that you could create for yourself then being in love loses its importance anyway”

… Kinnari Vora Adhia


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10 responses to “#5 In Love..To be or not to be..

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  2. i have read all the previous chapters.. i must say that they are beautifully crafted and indeed very educative….the story has a good flow…i love the way you crafted the story from a psychological perspective specifically on conflict resolution…”Ethan was in an approach avoidance conflict.”

  3. I am so moved by the way this is written.. Perfect thing for me to read and understand at this point of time..
    Super proud of you and the way u express urself..
    Love you and keep writing..

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