DIY Envelopes #3

“Creativity is the Power to connect the seemingly unconnected”    …William Plomer

Things you need :

  1. A Textured paper with highlights one inch larger than the envelope you would like to stick inside
  2. Any normal Envelope (Textured white or Gold)
  3. A mirror (abla) medium size
  4. A string of diamonds (3 inches)
  5. Tikklis to decorate around the mirror (As per your choice)
  6. A lace double the size of the front square to create a base for the design
  7. Glue

Procedure :

  1. Begin assembling the decorations on the envelope.
  2. Take extra care to place the Mirror in the middle because any small variance from the sides would not bring the required symmetry in the design.
  3. Stick the envelope inside and see to it that the fold comes in the middle.
  4. Chit chat with people around you or listen to EDM or Hip Hop
  5. P. S.  Note that u can make any type of designs based on your liking and thought process.. No rules.. No compulsions… 


Hope you like my creations and they inspire you to create something beautiful. In case you have any DIYs that you would like to share with me please leave the links in the comments section, I’d love to check it out !

Any feedback.. Any Comments.. Any Ideas are always welcome ! Waiting to hear from u..




3 responses to “DIY Envelopes #3

  1. You got the things right, these DIY envelope looks good. Keep on creating those awesome designs, & let people know about them. Happy blogging 🙂

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