DIY Envelopes #4

If you pay attention to your mind you realise that somethimes (mostly always) its in a state of complete chaos.

This time my DIY is mostly about you spending the next fifteen minutes being mindful and channeling your inner creativity.

” Sitting in Silence….there is something indescribably beautiful about this simple yet humbling act”                                             Andy Puddicombe from ‘Headspace’

No multi tasking.. No social interactions.. No constant phone checking.. No chaos and multiple thoughts.. and finally No expectations whatsoever to create something beautiful (read as photo worthy).

Be quiet.. Enjoy the Silence.. Maybe a little soulful music.. & Create !

Things you need :

  1. A Handmade Paper Envelope  (Can be any colour of your choice)
  2. mirror (abla) medium size
  3. A string of diamonds (4 inches)
  4. Tikklis to decorate around the mirror (As per your choice)
  5. A lace more than double the length of the envelope to create a base for the design
  6. Glue

Procedure :

  1. Begin assembling the decorations on the envelope.
  2. Take extra care to place the Mirror in the middle because any small variance from the sides would not bring the required symmetry in the design.

“Out of silence comes the greatest creativity. Not when we are rushing and panicking.”  …  James Altucher


10 responses to “DIY Envelopes #4

      • Hey alisha.. sorry for the late reply.. here are some points for your blog:
        1. I think the theme is too dull.. your blog is about casual fun, life, experiances etc.. so maybe it can be more colourful
        2. I notice you upload photos as well as articles.. Maybe you can create a different tabs for photos and articles so they remain bifurcated and the reader can choose what they want to see..
        3. Instead of having full articles on the front page you can create categories so the reader can quickly go through the topics yo have written about and then choose which one to read.. By doing this you will benefit as you can track where your reader traffic goes by seeing the views per page info in statistics.
        Hope these were useful 🙂
        Happy writing !

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