#21 Walking through the Maze!

“You can’t skip chapters, that’s not how life works. You have to read every line, meet every character. You won’t enjoy all of it. Hell, some chapters will make you cry for weeks. You will read things you don’t want to read, you will have moments when you don’t want the pages to end. But you have to keep going. Stories keep the world revolving. Live yours, don’t miss out”

Sometimes I do wish there was a Google Maps for happiness which could tell us the shortest route, the one with less traffic or road blocks that would lead us to where we wanted to go and be with us till we hear it say “Your destination has arrived” !!

Alas, life was never meant to be so easy.. Life was never about taking shortcuts nor was it about knowing which path to take.. Life was about connecting the dots backwards.

The Third task entrusted to the champions in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ currectly depicted life as we knew it..

Everyone had to enter the maze (life) together and they would go their separate ways at different intersections in the maze. You had Boggarts disguised as Dementors (Problems that look Difficult but are easy to handle) and Blast-Ended Skewrt (Random troubles / people trying to pull you down) trying to scare you off from finishing your race. The professors (Friends and Family) were always ready to help as they circled outside the maze but they interfered in your battle to survive only if you specifically threw up red sparks and asked for help. Krum tried a cruciatus curse on Cedric but we all know he was under a curse too (People who do you harm due to some undue influence). Harry could hear Fleur screaming but despite his efforts was unable to locate her (Sometimes it’s not your war but it doesn’t mean you don’t take effort to help someone out). Yes, even though Harry had it pretty easy in the maze as Prof Moody continued to help him, but this unwanted helper was only pulling him closer to his Death (There are no free lunches in life). Finally as they see the trophy at the end of the tunnel Harry and Cedric decide to go and get it together. (Reaching your goal is more fun if you have someone to share your happiness with)

P.S. Harry Potter was one of the best books written. As kids these books taught us values that help us get through life. So for people who didn’t read it.. Please do !



2 responses to “#21 Walking through the Maze!

  1. I’ve found this particular description of maze challenge in Harry Potter and Goblet of fire scary. The story tells a lot about life and your description is accurate.
    “There are no free lunches in life” …I love this line!

    • Thank you for Madeeha.. The goblet of fire is one of my favorites in the series.. Glad that you relate to the comparison between fiction and reality.. Harry potter books had a lot of such learnings.. 😊

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